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Shaun Carroll has been tattooing since 1996. Originally trained by Eddie Yeary and Reno Price, Shaun extended his tattooing education by attending many seminars and conventions.

His work is greatly influenced by Filip Leu, Joe Capobianco and Guy Atchison.

Shaun's talent and broad array of styles have allowed for many publications in magazines including Skin Art, International Tattoo, and Skin & Ink.

Shaun has received the most recognition for his Celtic Knot work tattoos. "Six times as an award winner at the Richmond Tattoo Arts Festival has made me strive to create more complex and mind-blowing designs each year."

During his time in Blacksburg, Shaun has repeatedly been a guest lecturer at Virginia Tech. He has provided information to incoming freshman about tattoo and body piercing health and safety, spoken to psychology, sociology and fashion classes about body modification and decoration, as well as being interviewed for many student papers and graduate student projects.  

In addition to tattoo arts, Shaun has worked in stained glass, sign making, air brush, pinstriping, etchings, jewelry and is an award winning sculptor.

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